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Security, Ballots and Blisters

So as (less than half of) Canada voted, I walked the core, trailed by attentive audiences. I found myself fighting against the frustration of the grid system, attempting to walk a circle in the city but failing to find many possibilities to curve. Easy as it is to navigate, I definitely found myself missing the grace of arcing roads and bulbous pedestrian zones. Saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed the walks, each time finding a new richness to the sound environment here, each time learning a new way to reshape it with my kit. Yes my kit, that small backpack, trailing wires out of it wrapped around my chest, mobile phone in hand, black beanie on my head… I was pretty much modelling this seasons suicide bomber look. Wouldn’t normally have crossed my mind but it turned out that on election day my route took me through the conservative party conference hosting a certain Stephen Harper. Reaching the top of the steps into the Telus centre I found myself confronted by about 7 armed security guards (and judging by their size, possibly ex-ice hockey players). Luckily I managed to get past unscathed, save for a few stern stares and some nervous walkie-talkie action.

At this point I should also say thanks to Kari McQueen from EMMEDIA who ushered all the walks, herding participants with grace and avoiding blisters along the way.