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Stretching is Required

With a little confusion about the official start date for Ride On! (was it the 4th of July or was it the 6th)… either way, this first post is a little late. I met with Jessica Thompson for some drinks and food amid the Stampede crowds to talk about what we thought we might post, what we might cover, and if we plan to use any kind of format (we are both going to be blogging for M:ST throughout the month). After our meeting, we both said we’d post that night or early the next day… and neither of us did.
I did however find myself at the Flying Lotus show at the Hifi on the 8th.

This video is pretty great and seems kinda relevant (kinda). I think that Flying Lotus will be the soundtrack to most of my posts for the month. Plus, I ran into the Tender Mountain Clan at the end of the show… so I think that they would agree (and it means I wasn’t procrastinating).

First post done.
Next: True Love is Riding Bikes, the TMC report.