M:ST News

October 25, 2010

  1. Over since last Friday, adequate time has passed for me to begin to reflect on this year’s Mountain Standard Time, affirming a number of things:
  2. Keith Murray is my dream girl.
  3. Performance Art is not an impenetrable genre.
  4. Wednesday Lupypciw is a fantastic gateway into the possibilities of silly and fun (but not effortless or redundant) performative craft.
  5. I appreciate the toils of the body in pursuit of art. I appreciate accumulations, collections: patient pieces.
  6. I definitely appreciate two French men wandering across an unknown city in period dress in search of video shots that will ultimately be masked away!
    a) Also known as: sometimes the documentation is the idea. (see: Donald Abad
    and Thierry Marceau)
  7. Not all Performance Art is easy, but some of it is funny, (see Istvan Kantor)
  8. Kids have the right idea! From now on, people should interact with art as children
    do: Touch the Artwork, get confused, laugh, explore, climb on things, ask lots of questions, touch some more, stare, and then not remember until they’re older that this was a pivotal moment in their life. (see: Mark Lowe and Co.’s Bin 15)
  9. During unique festivals like this, it’s worth going out of your way to see things, especially Artist Talks. Make time, especially if you’re feeling uninspired.
  10. The most effective Performance Art must be seen in context. It is intimate when it needs to be, installational when it sees fit, exhibitionist, loud, painful, unofficial. It can be anywhere, anytime (like the woman who screams at people on the C-train and takes pictures with her cell phone camera).
    a) “Life=Art=Life” (Istvan Kantor)
  11. Performance Art appears to necessitate some degree of ego: one’s body is representational and charged with responsibility. Is this self-exploitive?
  12. Interesting to consider the diversity of performances within M:ST – those in which the act of performing is essential (all the Gala performances) versus those in which the result is the motivator (almost everything craft-based; Suzen Green and Ryan Statz’s knitted business suit).
  13. As anything, performance art has a vocabulary, a detailed language, and I would like to become more proficient at this language, to understand, and maybe even learn to participate.
  14. Seriously, Keith Murray in a sequined lady-suit, full body glitter and a giant pink wig and beard is the closest I’ve recently come to enlightenment. Oh yeah, and he’s FROM THE FUTURE, YO!

Mountain Standard Time 2010 was an educational experience and a great success. One can only hope that, over the next two years between this festival and the next, we shall continue to expand our repertoire of performance art and go into M:ST 2012 with fuller minds and even higher expectations: for myself at least, the bar has been raised.

Posted by: Caitlind r.c. Brown