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‘one on one for so-called fans’ by Nadège Grebmeier Forget

Fragments of overheard conversation discussing the four volunteers who told the story of the performance:

N: Were you here? I didn’t see you in there.

S: I showed up late. I caught the last one.

N: You kind of only had to see one to get it.

S: She was really attentive to detail. Though I’m sure each was different

A: The last one was the best.

N: You think so?

N: I really liked the first one, it was so conscise.

A: I felt like it lost detail because it was sort of condensed into facts.

M: How did you feel it went?

G: The first focused on colour of things, shapes of things. Yours was like ‘this is how I felt’ and the last one was like ‘this is how I thought about…’

K: It was…

T: …get your facts straight…

J: How was that? Did I miss any details?

G: No, it was, no I don’t think so.

G: How was that for you?

J: It was interesting, it was hard to remember everything. She went first and that was like a disaster, it was just sort of all over the place and I felt like I didn’t really know what happened. And then, with the next person, I felt like it really began to take form together and make sense and tell a story.

G: It’s interesting because everyone seemed to struggle to remember the order things happened in, and when you’re making a performance you really consider that.

J: Yeah, it seemed hard.

G: I really enjoyed the last one because it was so tactile and I really think about that with the materials, like the way that things feel and smell.