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Participant Reflections on Day 1 of the Andrés Galeano Workshop

Andrés Galeano Workshop; Performative Strategies in Contemporary Art

Day 1

I left EMMEDIA today feeling like everything I knew about art was wrong… but also right… all at the same time. I felt like my walk to the train was a performance piece. So was the incredibly packed train ride. I went home and hibernated, I don’t think I’ve been fed that much information in my entire life. 4 double sided sketchbook pages of names of artists and their performances (I write small). I saw everything that has ever been even remotely included in the “performative art” realm, and Andrés made sure to let us know, that what we saw today was just Europe, there’s so much more out there. There are 6 people in the workshop, all of us have performed before, most of us go to ACAD, and 5 of us are women. We’ll all be performing on October 10th, 9pm at EMMEDIA as a part of the M:ST festival. I think I must have seen documentation of over 100 artists today, from artists like ORLAN, who include plastic surgery in their practice, to Pussy Riot, the feminist punk badasses from Russia, to Wim Delvoye’s ‘Cloaca’ (Better known as the turd machine), to Vito Acconci, who masturbates under the floorboards of a seemingly empty gallery in his piece entitled “Seedbed”. Performative art is the anti-art, and I love every inch of it. Today was only day one and I feel like my eyes have been opened to an infinite amount of possibilities, tomorrow we work on using our bodies as a medium.

I’ll keep writing a daily journal on this experience, make sure to go tohttp://mst7blog.tumblr.com/ for updates on the M:ST festival, and http://mstfestival.org/ for schedules and more info about the festival.