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Participant Reflections on Day 3 of the Andrés Galeano Workshop

Day 3 (written on day 4, I’ve got a habit for this now)

We spent the morning just letting our bodies move. Movement without thinking. We were instructed to create gestures to form a language, as if we had no way to communicate but we had things to say. Then we all did a short performance with some of the gestures we created. Everyones seemed incredibly moving, and I honestly felt like I could understand the languages. I practiced a bunch for mine but then ended up winging it when it was my turn to go up. I tend to do that. On day 2 we were asked to prepare a performance, about 5 mins long, involving one object. Wow. It’s incredible to see what comes out of such a broad assignment. A quiet reading on the floor, an intimate performance that involved touching the performers face and eyes while blindfolded, plucking apart a peacock feather, a naked “fuck you” to the audience, spitting half a bowl of salt into small circles on the ground, and tying themselves up. It was a good day, a constructive day, we all did our first critiques and it was nice to just sit and listen to constructive criticism. We explored the space, and the possibility of using the space to its fullest for performative purposes, we posed in different spots outside… this was more difficult than expected. We sat and brainstormed our first ideas for the performance on friday, it was nerve wracking because none of us really had a solid idea of what we wanted, it’s such a short time frame to come up with something and execute it properly. After listening to advice from Andrés, I felt like I had a good idea, and he gave us a checklist to complete and asked us to bring in an example tomorrow. Wish me luck.