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Participant Reflections on Day 4 of the Andrés Galeano Workshop

Day 4,

I ended up getting sick last night, and when I woke up this morning, I was so sore I couldn’t move, and too sick to do anything, so I went to the workshop for just the afternoon. From what I know, today everyone showed off the plans for tomorrow, and then had a group discussion on different ways it could be executed. Andrés was giving us ideas on how to change the performances even if he liked our ideas, and it was really nice to just sit and brainstorm with others who understood the show and the space, I think that’s a practice that I’d definitely love to keep doing whenever I got the chance. The set in stone idea I walked in with this afternoon, was not what I left with, and I am so glad. I had hoped to do a 10 minute performance, looks like I’m doing a 2 hour performance with a sound installation in another room… fuck yes. My small ideas exploded to create this big thing, and it was the “aha!” moment I’ve been waiting for for the last 3 days. Everyone’s performances are going to be incredible. I’m so proud of everyone, and how fast we’ve managed to put this together. Tomorrow is going to be incredible. This is a personal invite to everyone reading this!

Today was the last day of the workshop, but tomorrow is a full day of set up and performance, so I’ll journal tomorrow as well. This has been an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to put it all to practice tomorrow!