Artist Bio: Robin Brass

Robin Brass (Saulteaux/Scottish) is an interdisciplinary artist originally from the Regina/Treaty IV region of southern Saskatchewan and a busy mom of three boys. She has studied at York University and completed her B.A. in Indigenous Fine Arts, First Nations University of Canada. Robin is co-founder of Sakewewak Artists’ Collective, Circle Vision Arts Corp., Red Tattoo Theatre Ensemble, and Sakewewak’s Distinguished Storytellers Series. From 1997 – 1999, she spearheaded Sakewewak’s development and operations. She has produced works including: Tawihken Kakike-Kakike (making space over and over, again and again) Performance Canada Conference, (2005); Root of Love, for the exhibition ‘Constitution’, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery(2005); Mining Dog, Neutral Ground (2000). As well as contributing to various group exhibits and collaborations including: Pelican Nocturne (2005), Robin Poitras, artistic director; Pooling Time: Beyond Performance, PAVED Arts with TRIBE (2003); Nomadic Recall (1999) & Backtracking: The New Museum (1998), Edward Poitras, artistic director; The House of Sonya, Red Tattoo Theatre (1997), Floyd Favel Starr, director; MexterminatorII, (1997), collaboration with Guillermo Gomez Pena & Roberto Sifuentes. In the fall of ’99 Robin took a teaching position with the First Nations University of Canada, teaching Native Art History on several Saskatchewan reserves. She moved to northern Saskatchewan in 2000 where she has most recently created new work based upon the intimate relationships between Healers(plants) and Patients(humans), as well as delving deeper into new performance work based in the Nakawe language, further pursuing her true love of Indigenous orality.