Artist Bio: Takashi Makino

Takashi Makino is a highly innovative experimental media artist from Yohohama City, Japan. A graduate of the Cinema Department of Nihon University College of Art, Makino has studied under the Quay Brothers, collaborated with musician Jim O’Rourke and has presented and received awards at over 30 international festivals including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 25FPS International Experimental Film & Video Festival and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Makino’s films and performances are multidisciplinary, sensorial experiences that combine 3D projections with hand manipulated 16mm film, and live soundscapes.

Artist Statement

The history of cinema has been considered a separate entity to that of other art forms, primarily due to its connections with commerce. My approach to film counters this- I consider film to have a place amongst the other arts.

Nevertheless, film does have qualities unique to itself, particularly in regard to its treatment of film and its relationship with an audience, on the other hand it is bound by the film’s own duration. What fascinates me most about film is the potential for what is presented in the screen to collide with each individual viewer’s emotional landscape, and the new ‘image’ created inside the viewer’s mind resulting from this collision.

Rather than making films with an imposed structure, my method is to abandon structure altogether, in other words, layer images that once embodies meaning on top of one another until they become unintelligible. I am for the resulting composite ‘image’ to be like a nameless animate being with a limitless capacity for meanings, so that my films become triggers for an audience to venture into their own imagination.

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