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Welcome to Spring Runoff 2016

Kick off party: April 23, 2016 at doors Loft 112 (Orange Lofts, 535 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G). Doors at 7:30pm, party from 8pm – midnight.

Loft 112 Orange Lofts, 535 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G

From April 23-30th, M:ST is presenting our second annual performative art fundraiser, Spring Runoff. Throughout the week local and international artists will perform in their respective cities, bedrooms or forests to raise money to support the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society as well as their artistic practices.

By donating, you not only concretely support our upcoming programming, but 50% of the proceeds go the artist of your choice!

In return, for each donation you receive:

-A charitable tax receipt,

-A membership to M:ST and,

-Exclusive documentation of the performance you supported!

Everyone’s a winner!

P.S. Poster illustration generously contributed by Jun K. Lee, you can find more of his work at

Emily Promise Allison - Speedplay: Performance On Demand

Emily Promise Allison invites donors to contribute their imaginations. After the donor files an official Performance Request Form, the performance athlete will interpret the request and carry out the instructions.

According to the donor’s appraisal, the amount of money pledged is based on the personal value of the performance requested.

Download a Performance Request form here.

E-mail completed forms to our Administrative Director at, and they will be forwarded to the artist within the day.

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Stacey Ho - Sweet Vector

Humans have tried, through various means, to prevent the pigeon from flying home: tying weights and magnets to their backs, time-shifting their sense of day and night, applying lidocaine to their beaks to numb their nerves. Disembodied and disoriented, how to find a direction? Photographs from a point of origin in London Ontario are brought to Vancouver. A photograph is also a gesture.

Places are precarious, rerouted, exhausted, all moving under forces and with force. How to take these tiny rituals and make them into something over distance?

Sponsors will receive a piece of original mail art that, upon delivery, will serve as a conclusion to the performance.

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Sarah Kelly - H-un-BD!

H-un-BD_Sarah Kelly

On April 24th @ 8pm, tune into the festivities to share in the nonsense with your hotmess of a hostess and remember to forget everything you thought you knew.

Request a track! Wear a hat! Solve a riddle from the talking cat!

Shortly after making their donation sponsors will receive e-mailed instructions and password to access the virtual rabbit hole and a hand written Unbirthday card to be mailed following the event.


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Jake Klein-Waller - Intimacy with Place



While in Iceland I will find a rock. An object of magical properties that carries fortune or misfortune like the folktales profess? A reminder of place? A stand-in for the island I am on? A heavy burden to my travel? A new friend to explore the landscape? Once I have found this rock we will not part for the period from April 23-30. The rock and I will spend the entirety of these days together. We will go out for dinner, take walks along the beach, shower, sleep, and dance together. Hopefully after our week this intimacy will provide an understanding of our relationship, and my relationship to place.

Sponsors of this performance will receive a postcard of me and the rock together somewhere in Iceland, along with a small text written about my relationship with the rock at this time.

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Chris Lloyd

Since 2001 multidisciplinary artist and occasional politician Chris Lloyd has been writing daily letters to the Prime Minister of Canada. Between April 23-30 2016 Lloyd will send copies of these letters to his sponsors of M:ST’s Spring Runoff. Sponsors will also receive his campaign postcard from the 2015 general election, an Everyday Goalie hockey card and a screen-printed image of Justin Trudeau.

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Amy Malbeuf - driving in my ndn car




From April 23 – 30 Amy Malbeuf will perform the durational performance driving in my ndn car. She will drive around Alberta attending to administrative details for various art projects. She and her partner will take turns driving and while her partner takes the wheel she will sketch, bead, make earrings, take notes, and read out loud. Follow this performance on instagram: @drivinginmyndncar

Following your donation, you will receive:

$15 + a gas station post card from somewhere in rural Alberta, complete with a hand written note detailing a day on the road.

$60 + via mail or e-mail, a performance ephemera selected by the artist (ex: notes, drawings, photo/video documentation.)

$160 + a pair of earrings made by the artist with caribou hair and beadwork on leather and a gas station post card complete with a hand written note detailing a day on the road.

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Peter Morin - Love Songs to Colonization 2016



Originally conceived as singing break-up songs to colonization, Love Songs considers the indigenous body’s relationship to colonization through creative agency and singing as a political act. Featuring accompaniment on guitar, Tahltan performance artist Peter Morin will sing Not the Loving Kind for 6 hours in an open field near Brandon, Manitoba. Morin has been performing pieces of Love Songs to Colonization since 2013. This performance walks alongside and is informed in its conception by A Lot of Sorrow (2013) by the National and Ragnar Kjartansson. This performance walks alongside and is informed by broken hearts. Broken romances. Broken futures. Broken land. And resistance.

Sponsors of this work will receive soil from the site of the performance, delivered by mail.

*Not the Loving Kind was written by Buffy Sainte-Marie for her 1972 release Moonshot.

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Cora-Allan Wickliffe - Kapa Haka is a Life Style


As a Maori/Niuean artist the performance part of my practice has involved traditional forms that represent a huge part of my cultural identity. I am part of a competitive Kapa Haka (Maori performance) group that attends the Auckland Regional Kapa Haka competition every two years.

This year in June is the next time we will take the stage.

The content of training during this time is also very private due to the competitive nature of the stage, and video footage and photographs are often banned from leaving the group community, especially via social media. This performance piece will be a featured collage of myself learning and preparing for this competition, from April 23-30th I will be recording small segments of items that take place.

Each donation will receive a private link featuring a private and traditional world that I am a part of and welcome a small lens into.

The sponsor who contributes the largest donation will receive an item (by post) that was involved in Cora’s training in New Zealand.

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