Between One and Another

Sandra Vida, Pauline Cummins

Festivals: M:ST 6 Biennial | October 15 - 27, 2012.

Where else could we begin? The body. That which so obviously belongs to us. But this personal and yet inevitably public site has historically and politically been under siege, in question, up for grabs, discussed and dissected. As women artists, with a fraught history of indignities, constraints, and projections upon our persons, where else does the work of deconstruction begin? — but with the body. With our own lived experience, inhabiting these bodies. And we continue to re-imagine an enhanced, improved, adjusted terrain to inhabit. This is our project as artists. We engage in a daily making and re-making of the world. Our first collaborative work, The Autonomous Eye, was our response to the debates surrounding the female body in the 1980s and 1990s.

Works in Between One and Another focus on the experiencing body, using this modus operandi to explore a number of issues, often through performance to camera. Our work is also firmly situated within landscape, where sites and situations are evoked, some political, some heart-felt — all reactions to questions of power often set in the places where we live our lives. We often incorporate sites that are familiar to each of us, that evoke a notion of home and of past generations.

This exhibition gathers key works selected from over 30 years of art production, including significant statements on evolving issues through that time period. While each work naturally emerges from a particular site or situation, common themes emerge: our shared perspective as women, our engagement with the body politic, our need to speak out about issues. The exhibition offers audiences the opportunity for reflection and engagement with these universal concerns.