JB < = > JB

Festivals: M:ST 2 Biennial | April 2 - 17, 2003.

JB < = > JB is a new performance investigating notions of identity, creativity, pedagogy and community. The central premise is a re-writing of art history in an attempt to visualize vectors of influence amongst communities of artists and audiences. There are two parts to the performance. The first consists of one-on- one interactions between the artist and the public, in the gallery, over a period of 3 afternoons (April 4 – 6). The second part is a ‘wrap up’ performative slide talk in which the artist (J.B.) will trace incidents, trajectories and connections in the lives of a number of other 20th century artists possessing the initials J.B. This talk will take place the evening of the third day (April 6). JB < = > JB describes the often messy, circuitous paths which circumscribe processes of imagination and creativity. Through techniques such as mathematical chalkboard flow-charts, craft production and cooking, the performance questions notions of authorship and ownership. JB < = > JB sees the ephemeral boundaries between art and life as potential spaces from which to generate ideas for creative community living.