Joanne Bristol

Festivals: M:ST 9 Biennial | September 7 - October 7, 2018.

writing for building

writing for building considers the built environ­ment as alive and mutable as its users. The performance invites the public to write and share a text addressed to a building of social or historical significance. The text could range from political manifestos, to love letters, to generative or useful questions. Texts could be read aloud, physically attached to, or inserted into the building. writing for building offers a structure through which people might collectively articulate and animate materi­al histories and personal experiences of the built environment.


Joanne Bristol’s artistic practice investigates relationships between nature, culture, the body, and language. She has presented performances, installations, text-based works, and single-channel videos internationally. Her recent research combines feminist performance and critical spatial practice with perspectives from the emergent field of critical animal studies. This research informed a doctoral thesis she completed at the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2016. Her work has been recently published in Poetic Biopolitics: Political and Ethical Practices in the Arts (London, 2015), and Public 50: The Retreat (Toronto, 2014).