My Grandmother’s Home

Maria Hupfield

Festivals: M:ST 3 Biennial | October 7 - 31, 2005.

“Sunrise. A woman lays a circle of rocks with a marked entrance to the east. Handfuls of earth are carried into the centre of the circle and are formed by hand into a floral pattern radiating from the centre outwards. She enters and leaves the circle from the eastern doorway until the design is complete or the sun sets.”

My Grandmother’s Home is a site-specific installation in Nose Hill Park. Maria Hupfield engages with her heritage as an “Anishnaabekwe (Ojibway woman)” artist to create contemporary works that “unify the traditional craft, ceremony, and performance elements of First Nations Art History with contemporary art practices.” Floral motifs that reference the bead and quill work of First Nations and direct associations between ancestry and the land are all elements of Hupfield’s work that engage with relevant contemporary issues for First Nations Peoples. Working from dawn until dusk, Hupfield’s performance will involve the installation of a circular earthwork consisting of a ring of rocks and floral earthen design within close proximity to Fort Calgary. The daylong performance will be documented and presented within the gallery space for the duration of the exhibition as part of the M:ST 3 Witnessing Series.