New Practices: Performance on the Edge

Festivals: M:ST 3.5.

Tammy McGrath (moderator), David Bateman, Annie Dugan, Terrance Houle, David LaRiviere, Tarik Robinson, and Claude Schryer

The Performance Creation Canada (PCC) Conference was held in Calgary in January of 2007, and as part of the conference, M:ST hosted a panel discussion on the subject of New Practices: Performance on the Edge. Performative and media works have historically existed on the leading edge of “new” artistic practices. This panel examined elements of performance and performativity in relation to risk-taking and innovation, novel technologies, the reconfiguring of more traditional forms and their relation to artistic practices as a means to push the edge of what are considered “new” practices.

This panel was presented to an audience of approximately 100 people consisting of artists, PCC conference attendees, critics, writers, and members of the general public. The panelists consisted of a broad distribution of individuals from a variety of disciplines including artists, performers, funding representatives, and curators. The discussion was initiated through a series of short presentations and then opened up to a general discussion with the audience.

Performance Creation Canada is a nationwide network dedicated to the nourishment, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and the ecology in which it flourishes. More information is available at