Old Sun

Adrian Stimson

Festivals: M:ST 4 Biennial | October 3 - 17, 2008.

Old Sun is a new exhibition of installations in which Adrian A. Stimson explores identity, history, and transcendence through the reconfiguration of architectural and natural fragments culled from the relics of the Chief Old Sun Residential School. Stimson writes: “Old Sun or Natusapi was a chief of the Blackfoot and a distant relative. My family has told me that he was a respected leader and distrusted the newcomers greatly…preferring war to what at the time he considered the end of our way of life. The Blackfoot Reserve #149…was divided in half for conversion, the east to the Catholics and the west to the Anglicans. The school that was built was named Chief Old Sun Residential School, I find it ironic that his namesake was used as it ensured the end of a way of life for many of his descendants; my family members. The institution now called Old Sun College has made the transition from residential school to college, yet remains a colonizing symbol for many on my Nation. Over the years, various renovations have created fragments of material culture; I have been privileged to collect many of these fragments.”