Para-M:ST 4 Events

Festivals: M:ST 4 Biennial | October 3 - 17, 2008.

Alongside the events programmed as part of the M:ST 4 Festival, audiences may want to check out these noteworthy performance-related events. Brought to you by artists and arts organizations from Alberta and beyond, these events are independent of the regular M:ST Festival programming, but represent the diversity and interconnectedness of performative practices throughout the local and international community.


Scenes from the House Dream – David Hoffos

Joan Stebbins writes: “The House Dream project has formed the nexus of Hoffos’ studio practice for the past five years and serves as a compendium of the artist’s signature new/old media techniques which have been perfected over seventeen years of art production. In Scenes from the House Dream (which now number 25), as with all previous work, Hoffos forms a pact with the viewer; he asks us to suspend disbelief and enter his world. What we find there may both disturb and delight.” This exhibition, curated by Shirley Madill, is organized and circulated by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in partnership with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

Demonstration and Rational Demons – Andrew Taggart

Demonstration and Rational Demons is a continuation of Andrew Taggart’s interest in sculpture as a malleable, temporal, and collapsible entity capable of producing social situations. Consistently emphasizing the concept of disguise, his work often makes use of large, soft, bag-like forms with which the viewer is invited to interact. A series of stylized forms, horned and robe-like, are grouped together suggesting a ritualistic gathering, a sit in, or a demonstration. Presented upon a series of wooden platforms against a backdrop of fictionalized onlookers, these sculptures become theatrical devices for the production of relational experiences. Born in Vancouver, Andrew Taggart earned a BFA in sculpture from Concordia University, Montreal in 2005. His individual and collaborative works have been shown across Canada and internationally, most recently in X International at Luis Adelantado in Valencia, Spain (2008), and in The Emerging Landscape at the Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary, Alberta (2007).
Performance Call Girl – Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir

Since January 2007, every Sunday from 6:00 – 7:00 pm (Icelandic Time) Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir sits by the computer ready to perform, waiting for someone to call in and request a one-on-one performance. Viewers are invited to contact the artist via Skype (name: asdissif). Each unique 1–2 minute performance is created that day, a video poem that is a reflection of the artist’s mood and experiences.CAMP – Kay Burns & Tiki Mulvihill

CAMP is a performance/installation that addresses the peculiarities of urban camping. Burns and Mulvihill will infiltrate a Calgary campground and camp with the TRUCK CAMPER for two days in the fall of 2008. They will assume the role of urban camper/sociologists in this performance/installation context. Incorporating dubious research structures, these two hardy campers will gather research on the unwritten rules and foibles of urban camping.

 In Search of Desire – Clark Ferguson

In Search of Desire is a series of ongoing absurdist explorations into the existential. Teenage Wasteland, the first work in the series, takes a nihilistic approach to the creation of meaning. The Ratspectacla utilizes the conventions of the spectacle and of the film horror genre to deconstruct spectators’ apparent thirst for “play terror” and flirting with the idea of mortality. Dead Meat is an imagined road trip that takes place in the artist’s studio space, combining live action and miniature dioramas. The Helecycle examines the gray areas between success and failure. Viewed as a whole, In Search of Desire serves as investigation into the enduring human impulse to search for meaning in existence.

Initials V.V. – Wednesday Lupypciw

Lupypciw’s great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother were all born and raised in Lethbridge. Thus, she envisions the city as a sort of mecca for witchy women who pass the time smoking and doing inappropriate things at sleepovers. Returning to the city of her foremothers, Lupypciw presents an homage to the ladies that came before her.