Performing War Art

Dick Averns

Festivals: M:ST 5 Biennial | October 8 - 22, 2010.

New artwork by Dick Averns from his deployment to the Middle East with Canadian peacekeeping troops. The exhibition contains photographs, sculpture, video and text portrayals of his experiences in the 2008 – 2009 Canadian Forces Artists Program. Images from Sinai, Egypt, Palestinian West Bank and Israel present challenging visions and portrayals of daily life. Averns will be performing and presenting his paper “Calibrating Official War Art and the War on Terror” with findings from his fieldwork. He suggests that the degree to which nations are willing to provide military support for contemporary artists, to gain access to the frontlines of the War on Terror, serves as a barometer for how different nations either enable or disable conflict-related cultural canons. Averns will demonstrate that official war art can provide important benchmarks for the health of liberal arts in liberal democracies.