Remote Collaboration: exchange and co-authorship across distance and discipline

Allison Wyper, Terrance Houle

Festivals: M:ST 7 Biennial | September 26 - October 11, 2014.

This workshop is designed artists interested in working across distances and borders both literal and conceptual; artists collaborating across discipline or cultural affiliation; online border-crossers who envision new creative uses for the transnational highways of the “world wide web” that prioritize dialogue, encounter, and embodiment. This workshop is suitable for artists working in and across the mediums of performance/live art, theater, dance, music, street art, installation, photography, film, video and new media.

In this workshop, we will present one collaboration structure to explore how we might apply open source principles to collaborative interdisciplinary performance, so that we maintain an equitable balance of authorship as we co-create, present and distribute content. In the spirit of the commons, we will experiment with offering up our existing material, archive, or repertoire for elaboration, (de-/re-)construction, and germination of new works by others.

Part 1: AUTHORSHIP + EXCHANGE An interdisciplinary experiment in exchanging artistic concepts, objects and ideas in an economy of minimal control of your Intellectual Property (IP), balanced with maximal potential for exchange and re-authorship. Part 1 will focus primarily on creating short live performances and performance scores.

Part 2: EXCHANGE + TECHNOLOGY + THE BODY Introducing video/technology to the exchange framework, Part 2 will focus on creating short performative videos.

WHAT TO BRING: 3 objects or materials that you have used in prior or current projects, such as masks, blindfolds, ropes, houseplants, fabric, articles of clothing, etc. (Tip: these objects will be handled by other participants, so nothing too precious or fragile.) video recording/displaying device, such as a laptop, tablet, digital camera, or smart phone.