Space Noise & Phantom Nebula

Takashi Makino

Festivals: M:ST 7 Biennial | September 26 - October 11, 2014.

Artist Talk: Artist Talk:
October 2nd
Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre
Alberta College of Art + Design

Space Noise (30min, live projections on HD and 16mm, sound performance)

Space Noise is a film performance that blends high-resolution video and hand manipulated 16mm projections. Makino confronts the tension between film and digital, by blending the two together and incorporating sound and smoke effects. The result is a chaotic, highly sensorial experience that pushes the boundaries of cinema and performance.

Phantom Nebula (60min, HD Video)

Layering 10,000 film and video images, Phantom Nebula reveals changing forms that resemble both cosmic bodies and organic matter. Makino invites the audience to contemplate the similarities between cells and stars in this immersive film and sound performance.


Space Noise – Phantom Nebula from M:ST Festival on Vimeo.