Spring Runoff 2015

Adam Waldron-Blain, Allison Wyper, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Cindy Baker, David Frankovich, Stefan St. Laurent, David Cross

Festivals: M:ST 7.5.

Spring Runoff is an annual local and international performance art fundraiser. From May 23 until June 13th donors had the opportunity to donate to performing artists in return for exclusive performance paraphernalia. Proceeds were split 50/50 between the artists and M:ST.

Many thanks to M:ST’s amazing international community of supporters! Our recent fundraiser Spring Runoff was a heartwarming success. Special thanks to Rae Spoon, Sleepy Panther, Astroboiz and DJ Acid Buoy for celebrating with us on opening night!

P.S. If you missed your opportunity to donate but are still interested check out the Canada Helps link below.

P.P.S. For full descriptions of the works performed, click HERE.