Telephone, 20 Questions and Other Guessing Games

Festivals: M:ST 3.5.

Ben Wilson and Kelly Churko (Vancouver), Kim Dellavedova and Phillip Pietruschka (Melbourne)

Telephone is a Vancouver and Melbourne based collaborative project in which the “campfire game” serves as a metaphor for the trade and transformation of ideas and sound. Taking the form of an immersive soundscape, this project originated with an online interaction in which sound and musical phrases were exchanged between the two Canadian and Australian musicians/composers. This project toured across Australia and Canada in the early fall of 2006, with stops in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. For the Calgary component, the performance took place at the TELUS World of Science Discovery Dome Theatre, and involved the participation of local musicians.


Computer Mediated Collaborative Processes

Ben Wilson, Kelly Churko, Kim Dellavedova, Phillip Pietruschka, Ryan McClure Scott (Calgary), Paula Fayerman (Calgary)

Visiting Telephone artists were joined by local artist Ryan McClure Scott to present a lively discussion about computer-mediated collaborative practices. Local CJSW radio show host, Paula Fayerman facilitated a panel discussion exploring alternative methods of musical and audio production and presentation. Discussions were accompanied by a question and answer session, software demonstrations of live mixing and composing on EMMEDIA’s surround 7.1 system, along with other relevant projections, samples and website visits.