The Elastic Test Project

Rozalinda Borcila & Robert Lawrence

Festivals: M:ST 2 Biennial | April 2 - 17, 2003.

The simple and irrational notion that an “elastic test” can objectively discern the good moral character of a non-Western foreigner is the premise for Rozalinda Borcila and Robert Lawrence’s long-term series of live and web-cast performances. This work parallels the processes of the foreigner attempting to become citizen. Who is desirable, who fits and why: who fails to pass the desirability test and why? It is left up to the courts — the institution — to quantify this subjectivity. In all seriousness, through parody, the performance reveals and examines the unseen — the hidden — within immigration procedures and policies. Borcila and Robert will be here for a week of workshopping with local participants developing a location specific elastic test/performance. In this work they will examine ‘naturalization’ not only in the national context but, in the peculiarities of the local scene as well.