The Face of Everything

Festivals: M:ST 2 Biennial | April 2 - 17, 2003.

The Face of Everything is a graphic performance set in the mid-seventies that tells the story of a young man whose life experiences loosely parallel those of Scott Thorson, Liberace’s boyfriend. The 40 minute performance pursues Barrow’s ongoing interest in 20th-century masculine aesthetics and panache. Barrow combines obsolete technologies with popular imagery to evoke emotional content which explores the confluence between beauty and sadness. Daniel Barrow is a Winnipeg-based artist, who works in installation, video and what he calls ‘graphic performance.’ He adapts comic book narratives to a “manual” form of animation by transferring hundreds of individual drawings onto mylar transparencies and projecting these drawings to tell a story. The drawings are manipulated by hand on an overhead projector, while Barrow narrates the story to swells of background music

Daniel Barrow’s “The Face of Everything” is presented by the Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for the arts. Curated by Diana Sherlock, Super Modern World of Beauty.