The Invisible Bike

Marc Dulude

Festivals: M:ST 4.5.

During a residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Scotland’s scenery inspired the artist to create The Invisible Bike in order to explore the notion of landscaping and wandering. How do you convey the idea of a landscape without representing it? How do you illustrate the notion of travel and roaming, through an object or even a vehicle?

The Invisible Bike is a bicycle covered with mirrors of various shapes. Assuming the silhouette of a bicycle, this specular object comes to reflect the people, the architecture and the scenery passing before you. The mirrors covering the bike give the impression of levitating the cyclist through a kaleidoscope of sceneries. Fleeting moment in time, the bicycle becomes the representation of a landscape, of a place visited and, as such, the object fades and our imagination is captured by another way of perceiving the scenery.