The Ladies’ 500-Metre Challenge

Wednesday Lupypciw

Festivals: M:ST 5 Biennial | October 8 - 22, 2010.

The Ladies’ 500 Metre Challenge is inspired by Olympic-type competitions where participant’s skills, speed and gameness are publicly put to test with the goal of destroying the competition and achieving an “ultimate” victory. Two adapted looms are threaded together as the playing field for teams to face off in a refereed weaving challenge each team has two players. The fabrics are created “backwards” from the centrepoint of the contraption outwards, so as each round of the competition ends, the looms become further and further apart. The Referee dictates specifications for each round and assures that each participant is in line and following the rules. Once all of the rounds are over, resulting fabrics are cut off of the looms and pinned up for the Referee to judge completion, creative merit and overall quality.