The Only Good Way to Hug Another Male in Public

Stefan St. Laurent

Festivals: M:ST 2 Biennial | April 2 - 17, 2003.

For this project in Calgary, St. Laurent questions how socially acceptable it is for a man to be seen in the arms of another man in public. Given the political climate in Alberta today, St. Laurent intends to make an ambiguous gesture for Mountain Standard Time, that of being seemingly rescued from a dangerous situation – this functioning mainly as a metaphor for queers who are ‘out’ in public. Furthering an idea St. Laurent had developed previously through a tape called I Want You to Need Me, he wishes to address the state of things in regards to gaybashing outside of Canada’s large urban centres. As a counterpoint to being gaybashed in Moncton, he is interested now in finding images that are different from the ones he remembers – instead of being beat up by man, he is being rescued by one.