The Piano Concert

Kenneth Doren

Festivals: M:ST 7 Biennial | September 26 - October 11, 2014.


Presented post-humously in honour of Kenny Doren, through the support of The National Music Centre,

Performed by: Susanne Ruberg-Gordon, Akiko Tominaga and Julia Haager

Artistic Direction: John Abram and Barbara Sutherland

John Cage famously stated “Composing’s one thing, performing’s another, listening’s a third. What can they have to do with one another?”
This concert will destabilize the routine relationships between composer, performer and listener.

Arranged in three short programmes, the pianists will present iconic works of the western classical canon, while struggling with visual, aural and physical obstructions which hopefully will stimulate new musical experiences and expand our perception and appreciation of these well-known classical pieces.

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The Piano Project from M:ST Festival on Vimeo.