Étienne Boulanger and Francis O'Shaugnessy

Festivals: M:ST 7 Biennial | September 26 - October 11, 2014.

This performance takes place over three segments: the ascentthe hold and the conclusion. In the first segment, a minimalistic disposition of objects will be arranged on the performative space: chairs, a door and trestles. This is so the spectator feels that our motivation is to create based on the concept of the fleeting nature of ideas; in other words, of poetry in progress. Then, during the second segment, one after the other, they will test their ingenuity through risky creative challenges: balancing on a chair and trying to go across a certain distance from one particular point to another, while unstable on the chairs. These acts focus on destabilization, i.e. a series of (im)probable poetic acts. Finally, the third segment will unveil the result of this performative path. The strength behind this performance is to be able to startle the audience by creating a surprising effect. The three segments together will describe the environmental atmosphere of their artistic proposition and the color of the size of their imagination.

Photo by Martyna Piasecka

Trajectorie from M:ST Festival on Vimeo.