Unus Mundus: The Concert

Cinthia Marcelle

Festivals: M:ST 3 Biennial | October 7 - 31, 2005.

Unus Mundus: The Concert is part of a series of recent works by Cinthia Marcelle that intends to provoke simultaneous happenings that create an artificial connection among coincidences. The happenings are always formed by an agglomeration of simultaneous situations. Unus Mundus depends on the involvement and cooperation of people in Calgary, and offers the local community the opportunity to participate in the creation of the artwork as part of the M:ST 3 Audio Series.

Several participants ranging from professional musicians to those with a basic interest in music are invited to be part of an orchestra. Each person will choose a particular song and instrument to play during the event. In a performance that involves the musical give-and-take between performers, the songs will be played one by one until they create a dissonant atmosphere produced by this simultaneous set of distinct sounds. This fusion of sounds will gradually disappear according to the duration of each song until the last note is played. The performance will be recorded and the resulting recording will be made available to the public for the duration of the festival in Stride Gallery’s project room.