Urban Habitat Laboratory: Sustainability Workshops

Kelly Jaclynn Andres

Festivals: M:ST 4.5.

Very Seedy Neighborhood
This workshop introduces participants to urban and guerrilla gardening tactics for the unnoticed and underutilized spaces in our neighborhoods.

Guilt-Free Geek
This workshop will demonstrate how anyone with a modest budget can set up a solar system to run basic electronics such as a laptop or other similar device. The hands on portion of this workshop will allow participants to experiment with simple electronics and set up a solar cell circuit.

Closet Gardener
The Closet Gardener workshop illustrates a multitude of fun and simple indoor and urban gardening techniques to grow your own food with the stuff you have lying around the house.

Sucker for a Syphon
Participants in the Sucker for a Syphon workshop will learn how to work with gravity based pumps and design a “grey water system” to implement at home.