Work From Nowhere Work For No One

Wednesday Lupypciw

Festivals: M:ST 6 Biennial | October 15 - 27, 2012.

This work came from an interest in weaving, or rather, an interest in how artists and consumers who can afford it really love the intense amount of labour involved in handicrafts like weaving, to the point of fetishization. I became depressed when I realized that I normally just can’t afford the time to craft, as much as I can’t afford the time to sift through the ideas and ideals around crafting. So I took it upon myself to hastily and permanently reverse the whole textile making process, and strip it of any utopic impulses.

Looking further, this work could reference Luddites and the fabulously destructive potential of political movements. WORK FROM NOWHERE WORK FOR NO ONE is a gigantically negative act that rejects the crafting traditions from which I come from, or maybe just as much, it’s a positive gesture that inaugurates and invites people into a new craft guild of fuck ups, mischief makers, and bad asses.