Workshop: One does not know exactly what one does not know

Festivals: M:ST 9 Biennial | September 7 - October 7, 2018.

SEARCH ENGINES: One does not know exactly what one does not know
Workshop with Adriana Disman & Didier Morelli
Presented in partnership with Southern Alberta Art Gallery

September 28 – September 30, 2018
Southern Alberta Art Gallery
601 3 Ave S, Lethbridge

Registration is $75*
Sign up here or e-mail to find out about fee assistance available to students and Trap\door members courtesy of Trap\door Artist Run Centre 🙂

~Workshop Details~

We invite art makers and researchers of all disciplines to engage in a performance workshop process.

We take our cue from a long quote that has lived in one of our studios for the past two years. We ask: what non-disciplinary search engines that follow poetic logics might we create together? Beginning by clarifying each individual participant’s unique values and goals within their performance practice, we will then insert, un-sert, and re-assert various varied search engines. Perhaps:

-dreams as search engine
-dollar store as search engine
-historical events from the year of your birth as search engine
-doubling as search engine

We will mobilize familiar search engines and build new ones to encounter our practices a new, as they are and not simply as we want them to be.

Participants will be lead through body-based exercises that will be both strenuous and soft, fast and slow, pleasurable and uncomfortable. Activating the facilitators’ backgrounds in performance art, theatre, art history, writing, running, and reading, participants will enter into both solo and group processes that will question their basis of creative research. They will leave the workshop with a new set of tools which they can activate within their own studio/research practices, as well as a new search history of content they’ve generated within this different search engines.

No performance background is necessary but a willingness to engage bodily with the unknown is required.


Adriana Disman and Didier Morelli are born in 1989. They make performance, sometimes in the shadows of others. They are the troublemakers at the back of the class. They are the know-it-all nerds up front, arms desperately raised. They are enjoyable siblings and strange oppositional mirrors.