You Can’t Get There From Here Redux

Liss Platt

Festivals: M:ST 4 Biennial | October 3 - 17, 2008.

For You Can’t Get There From Here Redux, Liss Platt “performs” the projection of a short film by continuously pedaling a custom-built bicycle to power a 16mm film projector. You Can’t Get There From Here is a short experimental documentary and kinetic scrapbook about being sixteen. Cacophonous, contradictory, and constantly on the move, this coming-of-age story is rife with burgeoning queer desire, adolescent rebelliousness, and family crisis. The film offers a collage of abstracted images (framed by the inconsistent projection speed) that investigate adolescence, family, and memory. Following the performance, viewers will also be able to try pedalling the custom-built bicycle for themselves.