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SPRING RUNOFF! A fundraising marathon for M:ST

Cindy Baker / David Cross / BBB Johannes Deimling / Chun Hua Catherine Dong / David Frankovich / Johanna Householder / Stefan St Laurent / Allison Wyper

May 23rd – June 13th, 2015

May 23rd Launch party featuring a reading by Rae Spoon and musical performances by Sleepy Panther Astroboiz & DJ ACID BUOY
CommunityWise Resource Centre 223 12 Ave SW Calgary: Doors at 7 PM

June 13th Closing party featuring Adam Waldron-Blain
Untitled Art Society 343 11 Ave SW Calgary: Doors at 7 PM

Admission by donation.

Pack up your winter boots and lace up your sneakers! M:ST kicks off our inaugural fundraiser SPRING RUNOFF! We have invited an international roster of  artists to enact durational performances over the course of three weeks.

Click on the EventBrite links below to support participating artists!

Your contributions will be shared 50/50 with the artist and M:ST, in support of our programming and operations.

By donating, you will receive:

  • a membership to M:ST

  • a charitable tax receipt

  • exclusive documentation of the performances you support

Everyone’s a winner!!!

Cindy Baker (Lethbridge)


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Between May 23 and June 13, Cindy Baker will be performing the durational work Death and Taxes. A labour-intensive work addressing the nature of daily life (and death), this piece will be accessible only to those who support the project. The level of engagement will fluctuate relative to the donor’s level of interest and financial support, and in negotiation with the artist. The artist will be available via phone/text, Skype, in-person, and through still or video documentation 24 hours a day, and supporters will be invited to participate in the work. Documentation and performance ephemera will be made available to project supporters as well.


David Cross (Melbourne)





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Finders Keepers. I am in the middle of an oval lying inside a clear inflated pod at dusk. The pod is both a shelter, a mode of transport and a mechanism of camouflage. There are fifty possible ovals across Melbourne, Australia I could be at within a five kilometer radius of Melbourne central business district. Fifteen minutes before each performance I will post two clues on facebook as to my location. These clues will not in themselves reveal the location but point towards online searches that through diligent trawling will provide the answer. You will have exactly forty-five minutes to find me and be the first person to roll me to the edge of the oval. If you succeed you will receive 20% (1/5) of my pledge money. You can choose to keep the money or on-donate to a charity of your choice. I will perform this act five times rain hail or shine over five weeks. Anyone, anywhere can participate remotely searching for the correct location of where I will be. If participants in Canada and elsewhere want to pair up with a Melbourne ‘finder’ this can be arranged in advance and be co-ordinated through Facebook. Bidders of $40 or more will receive a suite of documentary images of each performance.


Chun Hua Catherine Dong (Montreal)


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Between May 23- June 13, I am going to collect used stuffed animals in Montreal. After reached my goal,  I will use a butcher knife to cut each animal’s mouth one by one (this process will be documented by video), and then I will take a portrait of each animal that doesn’t have a mouth (upper body only). Later, I pile all the animals on the floor, sewing mouths back to them by hand, but  this time, animals’ bodies and their mouths will be mixed randomly.  For example, a teddy bear might have a monkey’s mouth, and a monkey might have a duck’s lips. After finishing sewing, I will take a portrait for each animal again. the portraits of the animals (both without mouths and with mended mouths) will be available for bids.

Johanna Householder and Chris Heller






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Reading and Running

May 23 to May 28, 2015, Toronto

How do you move through space: on top of your legs, onboard a planet, or on horses made of 12 point Georgia*? Orlando moves through centuries and genders, fluidly, heedlessly, in your brain.

Johanna reads Orlando by Virginia Woolf, one chapter a day for 6 days, in a new location each day.

Chris runs for the time it takes to read the chapter, listening to the podcast, beginning and ending at the location.

Johanna will record each chapter of Orlando’s progress as a podcast for the M:ST site, to be downloaded by subscribers.

Daily podcasts = $10 a day.

While Johanna is reading, Chris will run – the chapters vary in length from about 45 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes – a new route each day.

Subscribers can then run, or walk, or lie down on a bunch of pillows and listen to Orlando, and if they want, think about Chris running.

Archival documentation of Chris’ runs and the Reading locations will also be made available to those who subscribe to all 6 podcasts = $60.

 * Georgia was designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft in 1993. Carter created Georgia as a screen typeface, with high x-heights and wider characters. The ebook edition of Orlando by Virginia Woolf is set in Georgia and available at
The text you are reading now is not set in Georgia.


Stefan St Laurent

stefan st laurent copy

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Gatineau-based performance artist Stefan St-Laurent will make an offering of a fresh cut orchid to any site in the National Capital region of your choosing, in a meaningful location you feel needs attention or commemoration. A snapshot of the delivered flower will be sent to the each participant at the end of the project.

Allison Wyper (Los Angeles)









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ECHO is a performance for one (and only one) person. The single participant will be guided in a real-time exploration of Echo Park in downtown Los Angeles, via a live cell phone call with the artist. The participant and artist will experience an intimate connection, in public and without seeing each other’s faces. In the privacy of her ear, the participant will encounter “echoes” of the complicated social histories of the historic Echo Park Lake and surrounding neighborhood, interwoven with poetry, music, and the artist’s own biographical narrative. The performance will conclude with a meal.

The performance will be scheduled at a time mutually convenient for the participant and the artist, between May 23-June 13. A copy of the performance script may be provided as documentation.

Watch this space for more artists to be announced!


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