Christian Bujold – Off Symmetric (The Ghost Double)

Festivals: M:ST 8 Biennial | October 1 - 26, 2016.

The #1 Legion
Sunday, October 23
7:00 PM

Christian Bujold is a multidisciplinary artist interested by performance, intervention, manoeuvre, video, and photo in order to explore the various relations between bodies, spaces, and contexts. Since the beginning of his artistic practice, the ideas of traces and apparitions of the body are central. Through different strategies of incarnation, dissimulation, representation, interrelation, and responsiveness, Bujold seeks to engage participants in instinctive and somatic experiences.

By exercising a symmetric aesthetic, Bujold’s performance for M:ST 8 will seek to explore themes of tension and the uncanny through the manipulation of an installation space.

Based out of Montreal, Christian Bujold is recognized as President of the Montreal-based Artist Run Centre, DARE DARE, and a board member of the international performance festival, Viva! Art Action. He has shown his work extensively at international festivals in Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto and Brisbane, Australia.