Jessie Short – We’ve

Festivals: M:ST 8 Biennial | October 1 - 26, 2016.

Olympic Plaza, Famous Five Monument
Tuesday, October 25
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

I have always been interested in different iconic imagery and practices associated with Métis culture. I’m curious about the question of how to incorporate them into the present without reinforcing the tendency to view these icons as an easy answer to defining culture. Culture happens all the time. It is constantly and consistently redefined. Recently, I have been learning how to finger-weave sashes because it interests me and because I’ve always wanted a brightly coloured “disco” sash, but have been unable to find one. There are stories behind the colours, the typical reds and blues, of the Métis sash. I want to tell my own stories, my own interests, in the sashes that I weave, while also recalling my ancestral connections to this practice. Weaving the sash around a solid object in a public space is, likewise, a statement of presence. I am here. I live here. My stories are deeply entwined with this place. 

Jessie Short is an emerging curator, writer/researcher, filmmaker and performance artist. Her work frequently deals with issues of identity, memory and trauma in response to colonial narratives.

Presented in partnership with Untitled Art Society and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.