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Adrian Stimson: The Life and Times of Buffalo Boy


Edited by David Garneau.

This publication explores the life and times of the performance persona Buffalo Boy, from his very first appearance in 2004 to his greatly exaggerated first death in 2008 at the”Battle of Little Big Horny” and beyond. The book considers the nature of the performance persona, the dialectical nature of this contemporary re-imagining of the west, and the discursive power of performance. The book is a partnership between the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society and TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary, produced with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.



ISBN: 978-1-895684-29-2

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These publications commemorate M:ST 5. One is a booklet featuring essays by Nicole Burisch, Kari McQueen, and Karilynn Ming Ho. The other is an poster detailing the history of M:ST and the performative art scene in Calgary.


ISBN: 978-0-9812154-2-6



M:ST 4 Public Incorporated



Written by Tomas Jonsson

A written response to the artists and projects in the M:ST 4 Event Architecture Series.


ISBN: 978-0-9812154-0-2

M:ST 4 Performing with Personae: Entrée into Psychology and Politics


Written by Margaret Dragu (aka Lady Justice)

A written response to the artists and projects of the M:ST 4 Alter-Egos, Dopplegangers, and Split Personalities Series.


ISBN: 978-0-9812154-0-2